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Empowering Businesses with Deep Tech Innovation

Revolutionising Industries with Intelligent Solutions

At QubitAI, we’re at the forefront of the AI revolution, offering a comprehensive suite of deep tech solutions that transform businesses across sectors. Our Illumina Platform empowers organisations with cutting-edge capabilities in machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, IoT, and conversational AI.

From education to gaming, marketing to port management, we’re enabling a new era of data interpretation and decision-making. Discover how our industry-specific AI applications can unlock your business potential and drive you towards a smarter, more efficient future.

AI-Powered Surveillance and Access Control Solutions

From streamlining facility management to enhancing security protocols and optimising resource allocation, our AI-driven surveillance and access control solutions enable transformative improvements in organisational efficiency and safety.

We turn your existing infrastructure into a powerhouse of intelligent monitoring and management, paving the way for smarter, more secure environments across educational, governmental, and corporate sectors.

Student Attendance Management

Automatically track and record student attendance using facial recognition, eliminating manual processes and reducing errors.


Reduce attendance recording time, from minutes to seconds per class


Increase attendance tracking accuracy, minimising human error


Save hours per week for administrative staff across a mid-sized university

Campus Security

Control access to restricted areas such as laboratories, libraries, and dormitories.


Decrease unauthorised access incidents


Reduce security personnel costs


Improve response time to security breaches, from minutes to seconds

Conference Room Monitoring

Manage bookings and usage of meeting spaces efficiently.


Increase room utilisation efficiency


Reduce booking conflicts


Save hours per week in manual scheduling and conflict resolution

Parking Management

Optimize parking allocation and monitor vehicle entry/exit.


Optimize parking space usage, accommodating more vehicles


Reduce time spent finding available parking spots


Decrease parking-related complaints through improved allocation and monitoring

Staff Attendance

Accurately track employee working hours and attendance.


Reduce time theft through accurate biometric tracking


Decrease payroll processing time with automated attendance records


Improve punctuality rates within the first quarter of implementation

Visitor Management

Register and monitor visitors, controlling access to sensitive areas.


Streamline visitor check-in process, reducing wait times


Enhance security by identifying and flagging of unauthorised access attempts


Increase visitor data accuracy, minimising manual entry errors

Secure Area Protection

Restrict and monitor access to classified or high-security zones.


Achieve accuracy in facial recognition for authorised personnel


Reduce security breaches in restricted zones


Log and track access attempts to high-security areas for comprehensive auditing

Resource Utilization

Track usage of meeting rooms and shared facilities.


Optimize meeting room usage through intelligent scheduling and monitoring


Reduce energy consumption in shared spaces with occupancy-based management


Increase overall facility efficiency through data-driven resource allocation

Employee Time Tracking

Streamline payroll processes with accurate attendance data.


Increase payroll accuracy, reducing time-related disputes


Cut payroll processing time through automated data collection


Improve punctuality rates within the first quarter of implementation

Smart Corporate Commute Management

Revolutionise employee transportation with AI-driven route optimisation, automated scheduling, and real-time tracking for a cost-effective, efficient, and eco-friendly corporate commute solution.


Optimize routes, reducing total travel distance and fuel consumption


Decrease idle time of vehicles through intelligent scheduling


Cut down on scheduling conflicts automated roster synchronisation

Facility Management

Optimize housekeeping and maintenance schedules based on real-time occupancy data.


Optimize cleaning schedules, reducing unnecessary cleanings


Increase energy efficiency through occupancy-based climate control


Improve overall space utilisation with data-driven layout adjustments

Remote Work Monitoring

Analyse participation and engagement in video conferencing sessions.


Boost meeting productivity through engagement analytics


Identify and address collaboration bottlenecks within the first month


Increase employee satisfaction with remote work tools

Crowd Management

Streamline payroll processes with accurate attendance data.


Reduce overcrowding incidents through real-time monitoring and flow control


Improve crowd dispersion time during peak hours


Increase public space utilisation efficiency with intelligent crowd distribution

Security Enhancement

Revolutionise employee transportation with AI-driven route optimisation, automated scheduling, and real-time tracking for a cost-effective, efficient, and eco-friendly corporate commute solution.


Detect and flag suspicious behaviour patterns in real-time


Reduce response time to potential security threats


Decrease overall security incidents within the first six months of implementation

Resource Allocation

Optimize housekeeping and maintenance schedules based on real-time occupancy data.


Optimize staff scheduling, reducing overtime costs


Improve staff productivity through data-driven task allocation


Reduce understaffing and overstaffing incidents

Parking Efficiency

Analyse participation and engagement in video conferencing sessions.


Decrease average time to find a parking spot


Reduce traffic congestion in parking areas


Increase parking space utilisation by 30%

By leveraging the Illumina platform for Intelligent Surveillance and Access Management, businesses can achieve a new level of security, efficiency, and user satisfaction. The system’s ability to deliver high performance, cost savings, and robust compliance measures makes it a valuable asset for any organisation looking to modernise its approach to facility management and security.

Innovative AI-Powered Solutions That Are Transforming Businesses Across Industries

Step into the future of enterprise operations with our cutting-edge Illumina platform, meticulously crafted to revolutionise business processes across diverse sectors. As a leading AI solutions provider, our team creates advanced, intelligent systems that offer seamless, efficient, and transformative experiences for businesses of all sizes.

Machine Learning Excellence

Our Illumina platform harnesses the power of advanced machine learning algorithms to develop innovative solutions tailored to your industry. By analysing vast datasets, we help businesses predict trends, optimise operations, and make data-driven decisions that drive growth and efficiency.

Computer Vision Mastery

As pioneers in AI-driven visual intelligence, we empower businesses with state-of-the-art computer vision solutions. From quality control in manufacturing to customer behaviour analysis in retail, our Illumina platform enables real-time, accurate monitoring and analysis across various applications.

Natural Language Processing Innovation

By integrating sophisticated NLP capabilities, our Illumina platform unlocks the potential to understand and process human language at scale. This technology enables businesses to automate customer service, analyse sentiment, and extract valuable insights from unstructured text data.

IoT Integration and Analytics

Revolutionise your operations with our comprehensive IoT solutions. Illumina platform seamlessly integrates with IoT devices, providing real-time data analysis and predictive maintenance capabilities that optimise resource allocation and enhance operational efficiency across industries.

Predictive Analytics for Strategic Advantage

Implement cutting-edge predictive analytics to stay ahead of market trends. Our Illumina platform helps businesses forecast demand, optimise supply chains, and identify potential risks or opportunities, enabling proactive decision-making and strategic planning.

Intelligent Automation

Streamline your business processes with our AI-powered automation solutions. From robotic process automation in finance to intelligent document processing in legal sectors, Illumina enhances productivity and reduces errors across a wide range of business functions.

Customised AI Solutions

Our experts tailor Illumina’s capabilities to meet the unique challenges of your industry. Whether it’s personalised recommendations in e-commerce, fraud detection in finance, or patient care optimisation in healthcare, we deliver bespoke AI solutions that drive innovation and competitive advantage.

Real-time Insights Dashboard

Leverage our intuitive, real-time dashboard powered by Illumina to transform complex data into actionable insights. This enables organisations across industries to enhance operational efficiency, improve decision-making, and drive business growth through data-driven strategies.

From pit to profit, Harness the power of AI to optimise extraction, slash operational costs, and ensure regulatory compliance

Elevate Mining Intelligence With AI Powered Solutions

In the challenging landscape of mining, where operational costs soar and regulatory pressures mount, Illumina emerges as a game-changing solution. Our cutting-edge AI-powered platform transforms every aspect of your mining operations, from the depths of the pit to your bottom line.

Imagine a mining operation where:

  • Advanced algorithms predict ore grades with unprecedented accuracy, maximizing extraction efficiency
  • Smart sensors and machine learning prevent costly equipment breakdowns before they happen
  • Autonomous systems optimize haulage routes, reducing fuel consumption and wear-and-tear
  • Real-time data analysis identifies and eliminates production bottlenecks instantly
  • Intelligent water and energy management systems slash utility costs while enhancing sustainability
  • Automated compliance tools ensure you’re always ahead of regulatory requirements

This isn’t the future – it’s what Illumina can deliver today. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, we’re not just optimising individual processes; we’re elevating the entire intelligence of your mining operation. Our holistic approach addresses the unique challenges of Indian mining, turning data into actionable insights that drive profitability and sustainability.

With Illumina, you’ll:

  • Reduce operational costs by up to 20% through predictive maintenance and optimized resource utilization
  • Increase ore recovery rates by leveraging AI-driven geological analysis and extraction planning
  • Minimize environmental impact with smart resource management, supporting your sustainability goals
  • Ensure seamless regulatory compliance, reducing risks and strengthening your industry position
  • Empower your workforce with AI-assisted decision-making tools, enhancing safety and productivity

Don’t just adapt to the future of mining – lead it. Let Illumina elevate your mining intelligence, transforming challenges into opportunities and setting new standards for efficiency, profitability, and sustainable practices in the mining industry.

Discover how Illumina can revolutionise your mining operations. Contact us today for a personalised demonstration and see firsthand how AI-powered solutions can unlock the full potential of your mine.

Rapid Deployment of GenAI Solutions

Speed up the implementation of GenAI projects, moving swiftly from pilots to production. Enhance prompts with tailored data, fine-tune models to exact requirements, and effectively build, deploy, and host custom GenAI models.