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Survival of the fittest: How the e-commerce industry is adapting to the pandemic outbreak

Today while the world fights against the greatest enemy of modern humankind, COVID 19, commonly known as the novel Corona Virus, the impact is perceptible not only on human lives but also on various other aspects, including economy and businesses of different countries. One such remarkable change can be observed in the businesses of the e-commerce industry.


The Hunt for Corona virus Vaccines – AI Comes To the Rescue

The global outbreak of the Novel Corona virus, commonly known as COVID 19 has reached pandemic status with a record of 2.5 million reported cases and 171 thousand reported deaths worldwide. With the quick spread of the infection reaching 210 countries, scientists around the world have engaged in the mission of formulating a vaccination against the specific strain of the corona virus named COVID 19.


The Future of Artificial Intelligence-Driven Medical Diagnostics

Diagnosis is the first and the most important step in any healthcare system as it is used as a tool by Doctors and Therapists to advise a patient on treatment options and future health risks.AI-driven solution systems have set in motion the massive technological advancement in healthcare, it still has a long list of vital issues to subjugate in order to revolutionize the global healthcare industry

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