PLANCK is a Future tech AI product for MarTech Industry. One of a kind product, that can revolutionize the world of advertising. A relevant product that can bridge today's gap and give businesses insights.

            - What do prospective customers think?

             - What do they want to see in advertisements?

             - What do they want to hear about products?

             - What do they want to spend?

This is made possible through cutting edge technologies like Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, & Machine Learning. AI for unbeatable play in Marketing & Advertising Industry.

Planck is an excellent platform to analyse audiences to get a deeper understanding of their interests, characteristics, media consumption and basic demographics.

Social Listening

Let technology be your eyes and ears at all social media platforms.

Our systems can track, analyze, conversations around relevant topics to understand consumer sentiment and your brand's health.

Content Publishing & Social Inbox

Plan, organize and deliver social content and campaigns with cross-network scheduling

Unify all connected networks and profiles into a single stream to monitor incoming messages and provide quick responses

Effortless Advanced Analytics

Analyze data from popular social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter and let marketers track relevant online conversations about their products and companies.

  • Track real-time results
  • Audience Analytics
  • Industry Insights

Your First Step Towards Innovation & Deep Tech